Thursday, August 17, 2017

When I'm 64 oh wait when I'm 84?

     The rules have changed. Sir Paul probably had no idea he would be touring in his 60's and still rocking as hard as he is on his current tour. Many of us probably would never have guessed we would be where we are but many of us are starting to realize we might make it to 70 or 80.
      It's become a shifting landscape that I am happy to be a part of as we change the age we expect to not just live but thrive to in our later years. At our practice we plan for the situation to have our patients be able to eat and enjoy their food and smile in their 80s if possible.

      This has become part of my ethos as a dental professional most especially after I had a patient about to celebrate her 90th birthday. She and I talked for a moment and she reflected that if someone had told her at 50, forty years ago, that she would be living in her own home and driving herself to her dentist appointment she wouldn't have believed it possible. We all have to balance the concept of living to 90 or being gone tomorrow and follow our own path with decision making.

      In the office we have been listening to several out of town radio stations via the wonders of the interwebs. We've played a bit of St. Paul and the Broken Bones who are a great live act. In the front in our chamberlain lane office and waiting are we have mixed in some chamber music covers of popular rock and pop which are very interesting when they are mixed in with our normal Classic Rock and Country. At our Poplar Level Road office it seems to always sway heavily towards classic rock then will veer steeply into modern pop music until I really just need or feel the need to have my patients listen to some Steely Dan or Fleetwood Mac.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Fun

     Summer time comes and goes every year. Yet it seems like its a special that might run out any time and those gray Kentucky winter days will be here again. Its a great time to focus on your smile, whether just making sure to show it a little more with your summer tan or to get it where it needs to be. Summer would be a great time to whiten ones teeth, come in for an overdue cleaning or just get a solid check up and information about ones dental health.
     Summer is also a great time to take a vacation as several of our patients have done. I have not though. I'm never sure if "Blogging" should have a conversational casual tone where one might type "HaHa" as one would in a text message. For future reference in case you would like to know I am definitely a haha person and not really an LOL er...And on that note are emojis appropriate for blogging? Again I'm not sure.
      As far as music at the offices go, we've been sneaking in some country music here and there. At our Poplar office we recently made the switch to online music from our old school "boombox" that came with the practice when it joined us it at Eastern Parkway. In fact we've also been taking requests and on Wednesday played some surf music at the request of a patient and everyone enjoyed some Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. In my personal office its been a mix of Classical from our local public radio station WUOL and archived Grateful Dead shows. I went to my first and last Grateful Dead concert last year, mostly because they won't ever play again as the Grateful Dead.
      In dentistry notes we've done some anterior implant crowns with great results as well as some cosmetically excellent removable partial dentures as well as all the fun 'regular" things like crowns, fillings, bridges and other "cool" stuff haha.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Growing Pains

If you haven't heard we are building a new office on Poplar Level road here in Louisville. I have been very busy with the planning and execution of this new office. I know our current and future patients will really enjoy this more practical and easily accessible location in the retail centre with the Wal-mart Neighborhood market, Q-doba and Panera Bread and Chilli's.

Our Address will be 3017 Poplar level road in the shopping centre facing the Wal-mart.

We hope to open near March 15, 2015. We look forward to showing you are bright beautiful new practice location to better serve Germantown, the Highlands and Audubon Park. We will be posting photos of progress soon.

Of course as anyone who knows me can tell you we've been playing a lot of Fleetwood Mac at the office since they will be playing at the Yum Center soon but also I have to admit it was me who made the Ed Shereen Pandora station at the office so please forgive me.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Spring is really here!! Or is it summer or still winter? The weather here in Louisville has been so up and down it is shocking, yet that's the Ohio river valley. Derby and Easter have come and gone. It's time for getting ready for lake trips and vacations.

Just like spring comes every year so do things go on a path that can be predicted. Tooth decay does not fix itself and in my experience gets worse when not repaired.

Every once in a while we get a patient whose life gets busy and they take a while before they are back in to get their restorations to remove the decay. It is always worse than when diagnosed. Life gets ahead of us often but we have to remember to take care of ourselves.

The office continues to listen to a mix of music. I went to see a band from Alaska last week named Portugal the man. They are not from Portugal, I was informed by my friend who invited me. There is always something new under the sun yet at the end of the day it is all music.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter Blah's in like a Lion!

I am not sure I want to blame climate change for our current situation but I do want to blame some annoying snow!! This weather is enough to drive someone crazy. Here in Louisville at least twice now we've gone from 70-80 to freezing in 24-48 hours. Hopefully spring is around the corner. Spring is a time of the year I like to re-evaluate my health and dietary habits in a spring cleaning of the body. Our overall health is of utmost importance from what fuel we put in our bodies to how we maintain it.

This couldn't be more true of our dental health. Each year more items are reflected to be linked to unhealthy teeth and gums. I personally have begun to look at my diet and particularly the amount of fats and proteins derived from animals.

Each person may have a different area they which to focus on but spring is a time for renewal, Lent, Easter, dog woods blooming and Derby right around the corner, its a great time to be in Louisville and alive for that matter. In our practices we have been focusing on cleaning as well, cleaning out any old treatment ideas and making sure our focus on positive patient care and forward thinking dental treatment in Louisville continues.

In music I have been continuing to expand my scope of music to include more indie-rock and electronic music. This includes a band I was turned onto by a friend. They are called The War on Drugs and in the past included a Philadelphia artist I saw at Forecastle named Kurt Vile. Their new album is available to preview on NPR music and is as if 70's era Tom Petty were channeling Dire Straights and Brian Eno with a bit of Fleetwood Mac guitars.

As always Annie clark aka St. Vincent keeps me excited with her new album, her approach to take organic music and completely disguise it as electronica continues to amaze me. Sounds that should be horns or keyboards may in fact be synths or processed guitars. After her collaboration with David Byrne in 2012 the workaholic Dallas native brings to mind a very powerful woman with art and music sensibilities as well as a great background in design that few can claim. Annie get your gun or Axe in this case because she is a killer guitarist.

In the office we have been listening to more country, reggae and classic jam bands like The Grateful dead based upon patient and team requests. You can always expect to hear something new, fun, or interesting in one of our locations.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How about that Weather?

It's the Polar Vortex here in Louisville and school is closed. I know its affecting things in Louisville when I visit the local Target to find it praticaly empty. Who would have ever thought that anything could keep people out of their neighborhood Taaaarget, as I've heard it pronounced. I am an avid follower of the daily and weekly economic news and I often stop and consider how the economy and our lives and workplaces are affected by weather.

A great example is last winter and spring was unseasonably warm year which allowed a lot of extra construction and new housing starts which helped fuel the growth of our economy and its recovery. This year it is quite different over nine thousand airline flights are cancelled. I will be interested in seeing the economic effects of this Polar Vortex has had on our U.S. economy.

Our offices are open because we love what we do and there are people that are willing to brave the ultra cold temperatures to care for their teeth.

Friday, December 20, 2013

What is cosmetic Dentistry?

I am reflecting on cosmetic dentistry today. We seated a denture last week and as I have mentioned before this was indeed cosmetic dentistry. But above all it was just good solid dental care. The individual needed their remaining teeth removed and we did that and placed a very beautiful full complete denture in place. The patient is very pleased and his smile looks better than it has for years.

This is a point I often make when I can to our team and patients. Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty of dentistry, it is not a group, or test or a badge, it is an attitude and that attitude is reflected in everything from the shade of a composite filling to the all of the many other items we do in our offices. Whitening, Invisalign, and even dentures are cosmetic procedures.

Many people think of dentistry as a want based purchase in parts of the areas we draw our patients from here in Louisville. Others view it as a need based purchase because they understand that the health of their mouth and surrounding oral soft tissues affects their entire body. Educating patients to these facts is part of our job every day. Our work isn't just in the procedures we do to care for our patients, it is in educating them and passing along our decades of experience to them on a daily basis.